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Malawi Association UK is a non-profit community organisation in the UK that works to offer a sense of community and promote cohesion, cooperation and networking among Malawians and people of Malawian descent living in the United Kingdom. Malawi Association UK is also affiliated with other regional Malawian Associations in the UK, and also works to develop the connection between the Diaspora community and Malawi.

The Association operates as an umbrella organisation working in partnership with other regional Malawian Associations in the UK. MAUK also aims to increase community connection between Malawi and the UK through the building of local partnerships and networks. MAUK seeks to support development activities in Malawi and to promote a positive image of Malawi.

MAUK provides a point of referral for guidance on general welfare resources and services. In addition, MAUK facilitates access to information on Malawi focussed non profit organisations and development experts, and Malawian owned businesses operating in the UK. Membership of MAUK is currently free. The membership fee structure is reviewed annually.


The overall aim of MAUK is to promote the welfare of all Malawian nationals and persons of Malawian descent based in the United Kingdom and to have general oversight of Regional Malawi Associations or a corporate organisation whose aims and objectives are to promote the welfare of Malawians and chooses to affiliate itself with MAUK. The Objectives set out herein below seeks to achieve this overall aim.

  1. To promote and enhance the welfare of Malawians living in the United Kingdom with particular focus on, but not limited to, facilitating access or offering information on personal development opportunities for Malawian Community on issues such as training, employment, health or bereavement matters.
  2. To promote integration and assimilation of Malawians in UK into the British society and British way of life through education, learning and good citizenship.
  3. To promote and enhance cohesion and cooperation among Malawians through building up of partnerships and networks and organising exchange programmes with other associations, agencies, and /or organisations who share or carry out similar objectives and values with a view to promoting the interests of Malawi and enhancing the positive image of Malawian culture.
  4. To oversee activities and operations of Regional Malawi Associations and other affiliated organisations or associations and to unite them under one banner to achieve maximum representations of Malawian and the nation of Malawi. In addition, to act an intermediary between Regional Malawi associations and the Malawi High Commission to London and other external agencies.
  5. To initiate, identify and or carry out projects that target to benefit members of the Malawian Community whether in UK or Malawi and also to solicit funding and any other resources for and on behalf of MAUK.